Shanghai World Expo 2010
Macao Pavilion Concept Design Competition
Design proposal

Picking up national/regional symbols is a rather effective way to report to national or regional themes. Should it also be possible to express it within the specific thematic of an exhibition, that might effectively further enrich the symbol.

Very much suggested by Macau SAR symbol, the lotus, and the offset lines surrounding the central silhouette, we took the lotus central silhouette as the Identity and, the lotus offset lines as the Differences.

In this interpretation we herewith use the Macau SAR symbol as the icon of the pavilion in the form of 3 independent and animated layers as the pavilion entrance canopy which can swing from left to right at the same speed and pace of a gentle afternoon breeze.

These canopies, while swinging, they come together in a same silhouette expressing the Identity and they offset to both sides of the central silhouette expressing the Differences.

The lotus symbol is depicted in a strongly reverberant white colour, the background wall exhibits the regional green and the framework walls and ceiling exhibit the national red.

Aligning in Identity

Enriching with Differences



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